Things to do


In its Scandinavian origins it is a group of sports that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain whilst moving at speed. Participants are given a topographical map and usually a specially prepared orienteering map, which they use to find control points called “lanterns”. Typically, orienteering is run in wild terrain and forests, but it is also run in historical towns. The Orienteering Italian Federation organizes many competitions and one of them takes place in Piovà in September.

Yoga and biodanza

It is possible to practice yoga as well as biodanza in the wonderful scenery of the Monferrato Hills. Biodanza is a system aimed to integration and personal development, it consists of dance and movement exercises to music in order to improve vitality, creativity, affection, sexuality and transcendence. It is a dance of life, a search for harmony with oneself, other people and nature, it means a deep contact with one’s own needs, with a constant feedback with other people, it means joining culture and instinct with the awareness of  being part of the Universe like any other living thing.This experience so unique in its wholeness is possible thanks to the expert facilitators at  La Casa delle Caramelle (The House of candies).

Trekking and Nordic Walking 

Many beautiful natural trails characterize this territory. The natural area of Monferrato can be closely enjoyed either alone or in groups. Many activities can be experienced like birdwatching, the view of botanical species or the visit of monuments or natural hallmarks along the track. A very beautiful trail is along the Wine Road, organized by Welcome Piemonte, while other trails are available on Wikiloc website.

Mountain Bike and Bicycle 

The best way to discover the Monferrato beauty is riding either a bike or e-bike, alone or on a guided tour. The “assisted bike ride” allows people that are not in good shape  to cover wide areas on the hilly territory. The most athletic people have instead a wonderful chance to ride a mountain bike on dirt tracks among woods and rural areas. A trail worth a try is the Road of the Romanesque, recommended by the
Piemonte Bike website.

Horseback riding 

In our village there are two horse centers equipped with stables and paddocks, where it is possible to take horseback riding classes or get trained with one’s own horse, thanks to the passion and skill of two young women: Sabrina and Giuditta. The first one,  La Città della Gioia, (The City of Joy), is located in Frazione San Pietro, while the other one, I Mattoni Rossi  (The Red Bricks) is located where once was the old furnace of the Gallareto village.


Three golf courses are available for the lovers of this sport, located at short distance from Piovà, at about 15 to 45 minute drive. Two of them are in the province of Asti while the third is in the province of Alessandria. The 9 holes  Golf Club Città di Asti   is the perfect place for beginners, while Golf Club Feudo d’Asti and Golf Club Margarawith their 18 holes are more suitable for experts. A staff of professional trainers is available and at the same time it is possible to enjoy the beauty of the area.


There are many nice events to get involved into, like the Palio di Asti, one of the oldest in Italy, that is attracting tourists from all over the world. Another one is the Douja d’Or, one of the most famous Wine Events in Italy, or the Festival delle Sagre (The Festival of Celebrations), the many Truffle Fairs like the one taking place in Moncalvo and Montechiaro d’Asti, the Historical Reanactions, the Return to the Fair, the Asti Musica and many other ones depending on the period of the year.