Diocesan Festival

The village of Piovà probably never had so many children play all together  on the churchyard and on the streets like Friday May 1, 2009 on occasion of the Children Diocesan Day. The event, traditionally taking place at the Colle don Bosco, was organized in Piovà, native place  of Cardinal Guglielmo Massaia on the occasion of the bicentennial of his birth, by the Children Pastoral Diocesan Office together with the Association “Fra Guglielmo Massaia” and the Parish “S.S.Pietro and Giorgio”.

Over four hundred children gathered in Piovà from all the Dioceses area together with catechists, organizers and parents to spend a playful and learning day about the life and works of Fra Guglielmo Massaia. Bishop Francesco Ravinale joined the event, well pleased about the flawless organization and the noble purpose to get the great missionary more and more well known by people.

The day was truly successful – Bishop  Ravinale said – thanks to the full cooperation and the wonderful sun that came out like a surprise after the past cloudy days:  maybe it is Cardinal Massaia’s hand, who knows!”

The children were happy for the games, tales and songs that the Capuchin Friars from Savigliano organized for them in the Piovà yards. They were also interested in visiting the remaining part of the native house of Cardinal Massaia, now private property, in the hamlet of Braia, as well as the memorial stone and the little church where he used to pray. A plastic model of the old farm was created to make clear where Massaia lived.