Ass. Fra Guglielmo Massaia

The Association Frà Guglielmo Massaia was founded on April 2008 to organize the celebration of Cardinal Gugliemo Massaia on the occasion of the birth bicentennial in 2009. The purpose of this volunteer Association is to spread and deepen the knowledge of Guglielmo Massaia, missionary and capuchin friar, as well as to promote and enhance the historical and cultural heritage of his birthplace.

Among its many objectives, the realization of pilgrimages, guided tours, conference, exhibitions, concerts, meetings are the most outstanding, together with promotional activities for the Community, the fundraising for charity, the cooperation with national and international organizations with similar purposes and any other activity aiming to achieve the goals of the Association.

The Association is located where the “Parish Cinema” once was (now a place for exhibition): a magical place reminding of “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” by Giuseppe Tornatore.

Right after World War II all villages had their own parish cinema located in the oratory, with wooden seats, the light of the projector peeking out from a hole in the wall over the multitude of wavering heads, the soundtrack, and often the movie interruption because of the tear of the film. TV was not in our houses yet and cinema were the only way  to watch films, especially American ones, and daydream…and this location has been restored just with the purpose of doing so, now hosting many exhibitions.